Even if wrapped in a modern shape, the Fero is one of few sauna heaters on the market that demonstrate true and genuine properties found in traditional Finnish sauna.
The generously dimensioned rock compartment of the Fero heater heats up quickly as it is placed right on top of the fire. Once hot, it can retain heat and produce rich steam for many hours.
Innovative engineering makes my Fero wood-
burning heater a modern time campfire. Low emissions and efficient burning warrants preservation of nature.



My sauna ritual starts by letting the fire heat up the rocks completely before I start my session .


The oversized stone compartment provides excellent conditions for generous amounts of steam.


The medium heat levels of the Fero heater makes for an authentic sauna experience.

Pekka’s tips

Foraging – using nature’s pantry

Nature’s beauty is important
to me. So is food.

Contrary to what some people think, I am an avid home cook, and find great pleasure of composing a culinary experience. Why not combine my two passions for nature and food? I have started to incorporate edible plants, mushrooms, berries, mosses and lichens in my cooking. They are all items that I can basically forage on my own property. I treat them as any ingredient. They can be deep-fried, boiled, used as seasoning or made into a condiment. And they are free.
17:38Landed a new account – feeling ecstatic
19:47Chopped 3 months worth of firewood

Personal Space,
get yours

I work hard, and I work in competitive environments. To find a good balance in life I try to spend my free time in nature. Time spent in my Arkk Line sauna makes the experience come full circle. The aesthetics of it, the Red Cedar wood and the glow of fiber optic lighting epitomize the great Finnish sauna tradition. To go with that, I have chosen the wood burning Fero heater. The authentic outcome is unbeatable. In this environment I reward myself. Every day.

The design of the Arkk Line epitomizes the great Finnish design philosophy with its clean and simple lines, employing the beautifully textured Red Cedar Wood as a soothing backdrop. It is definitely what I call the perfectly composed sauna experience.

appreciating my sauna traditions


Löyly (low-lu) is at the heart of the Finnish sauna experience. Löyly means throwing a small ladle of water on the hot stones to create steam. This steam rapidly increases humidity in the sauna room and brings many health benefits.


The whisk (vihta or vasta in Finnish) made of young birch twigs used to be an integral part of sauna bathing. I use it in order to get the full sauna experience. When the skin softens after a few minutes in the sauna, I beat myself lightly with the whisk. It stimulates blood circulation and the fresh birch aroma.

Secret of the stones

The heat generated in today’s Helo heater is retained in the stones that sit loosely on top, so that air can circulate freely. These are very special Finnish stones that hold and withstand high temperatures, releasing steam quickly when water is thrown on them. The more stones you have, the softer the steam.

17:38Landed a new account – feeling ecstatic
19:47Chopped 3 months worth of firewood

Authenticity - that's how I roll

I may be set in my ways, and few things can compete with a campfire in twilight. For modern times, I have found the perfect substitute - the Fero heater.